My favourite firings so far…

It may look like I have not been very busy, given the lack of posts on this site. I have,however, been incredibly busy. Firing people, if you must know.

If you are about to be fired, fear you may be fired or have just been fired, the below is intended to lift your mood and hopefully even raise a smile. They are some experiences I have had over the last few months and which, in turn, have made me smile

  1. People I have just fired wanting to link in on and on facebook.  It is even more amusing when they cite me as a friend. Of course, I am not so daft as to imagine they really want to be my friend. I know they are just tracking me down so they can stalk me, find out where I live and then murder me in my bed …
  2. The man who, while I was firing him, asked me out on a date. Yes, that really did happen!
  3. The employee who refused to hand over his work blackberry and then proceeded to take it apart, before throwing what was left of the shell at me. He missed – fortunately.
  4. The gentleman who turned up to our meeting so hammered that while I was speaking, slumped on the desk and began to snore. (Needless to say, we didn’t finish the meeting – nor did I have the heart to wake him up!).

It is worth remembering that the person firing you is human (even if she doesn’t appear it) and is probably quite disappointed that she is having to sit through another exit. These sorts of events liven up her day and make a routine firing well, less routine (although of course, I am not recommending any of the above!).


About JustBeenFired

JustBeenFired is a blog about what to do and how to behave if you have just lost your job, with lots of tips about what to do, what you should know and how to behave. It's a difficult time and this might help to make it easier. The writer is an employment specialist with over ten years experience of, well, firing people. She can tell you what and what not to do when it is your turn to be in the firing line. Most of all, she wants you to try and be positive about what can be a very traumatic experience. DISCLAIMER
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