Why me?

It’s a good question. Why you? Why anyone? It’s the question that people have been asking for years and there are a hundred and one possible answers. None of them, of course, will make you feel any better or any wiser.

People get fired. It’s a fact of life. It will happen to be the best of us at some point in our careers. Even me. And I make a living out of firing people.

Sometimes being fired is dressed up or down. Call it leaving a company under a “mutual agreement” or “redundancy”, it is still being fired. You’ll feel the same – miserable –  (unless your firm has given you lots of cash to go, of course, and you want to give up work and live in the Bahamas).

Sometimes there is fault. Yours, or someone else’s. Looking back, you ask yourself why you said what you did, behaved as you did. You take a step back and think that perhaps you should have acted differently, been someone else, not been so greedy. Or perhaps so lazy.

Hindsight, of course, is a remarkable thing. You can think these things, but you can’t turn back time, so you may as well give yourself a little more time and, in so doing, manage the firing process.

Yes, you can manage how you are fired – to a certain extent.  How you are treated and how much money you get out of it (if any) can be as much down to you as the nice lady in Human Resources.

No one is going to deny that being fired is painful,  but this blog will, hopefully,  make it a little less so. And, of course help you move on.





About JustBeenFired

JustBeenFired is a blog about what to do and how to behave if you have just lost your job, with lots of tips about what to do, what you should know and how to behave. It's a difficult time and this might help to make it easier. The writer is an employment specialist with over ten years experience of, well, firing people. She can tell you what and what not to do when it is your turn to be in the firing line. Most of all, she wants you to try and be positive about what can be a very traumatic experience. DISCLAIMER
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